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Men with beards are richer than those with clean beards, but did you know that men with beards are not only richer, they may also be healthier.

Microbiologists at the University of London in the United Kingdom have discovered that human beards may contain natural antibiotics. (Photo via

New York, NY (Merxwire) - Celebrating Movember 48% think that bearded men are rich and healthy. Up to 700,000 people worldwide die every year from bacterial infections that are not treated with medicine. Dr. Adam Roberts, a microbiologist at the University of London in the United Kingdom, discovered that human beards may contain natural antibiotics, which can resist superbug infections.

As early as 2014, British and American scientists jointly searched for 408 men who were divided into two groups with shaved and beards for sampling and analysis. The results of the study found that there are more germs on the faces of people who shave every day than people who shave less often. In addition, the face of the former still contains super bacteria that are extremely difficult to treat, and the number is three times more than that of people with beards. The results of this study were published in the "Journal of Hospital Infection".

Many well-known smart figures in literature and popular culture have a long beard. The picture shows Uncle Sam, the protagonist of the famous American recruiting poster in 1917. (Photo via Wikipedia)

The new crown pneumonia COVID-19 has spread globally, and masks have become standard equipment on the go, which has made many men praise that they can finally grow a beard without fear of affecting their work perception. Affected by Hollywood superstar George Clooney, many men believe that growing a beard can not only modify the face shape but also make the opposite sex deeply impressed;LendingTree, a well-known online financial loan platform service provider in the United States, conducted a beauty study on more than 2,000 Americans. According to the survey, nearly half (48%) of Americans believe that men with beards are richer than those with clean beards, and 75% of men with beards claim that they are better at financial management.

Matt Schulz, the chief credit analyst at LendingTree, said: "For whatever reason, Americans have long regarded beards as a symbol of wisdom and dignity." And look at the more well-known literature and popular culture. Smart people, such as Uncle Sam, Merlin, Gandalf, etc., also wear long beards.

Philip Tierno, a microbiologist and clinical professor of pathology at New York University School of Medicine, believes that there is no direct evidence to prove whether the beard is healthy or unhealthy. But people often touch their faces unconsciously and bring all kinds of bacteria into their noses and eyes, which endangers health. Therefore, it is recommended that you, whether you wear a beard or not, wash your hands frequently at any time, and do a good job of personal hygiene is the only way to maintain your health.

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